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The world’s only end-to-end ergonomic safety platform that helps smart organizations to hire the right people, train them, prevent injuries, speed up rehab & avoid re-injury

The New Era
of Workers Safety

Soter Platform is an integrated solution for a complex problem, it helps organizations to keep their employees safe during the entire work cycle.

The platform provides on-the-job coaching delivered through wearable devices, workplace improvements opportunities done via an AI-vision processing tech and a complex risk management data platform.

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Injury Prevention

Smart wearables to prevent back & shoulder injuries by 55%


Wearable solution powered with an engaging AI-driven training program to coach workers to move more safely and avoid the risk of injury

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Workplace Improvement

AI-driven vision processing tech to accurately and quickly quantify risk


Assess ergonomic risk within tasks in minutes & on-the-go to implement controls that keep your workforce safe, productive and injury free

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Data-Driven Decisions

The most comprehensive risk & physical duties overview of your workforce

Job Dictionary

Data collected from wearables & SoterTask is organized to help organizations make smarter decisions, hire the right people and improve productivity

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SoterCoach Measures More Movements Than Any Other Product Developed

In total
  1. Lifting movements with poor technique & overreaching (sagittal flexion)
  2. Back twisting (rotation of the trunk)
  3. High & sudden impact forces
  4. Arm elevation (with or without load)
  5. Hazardous pushing & pulling of the shoulder
  6. Sustained awkward static postures (including sagittal flexion, rotation of the trunk)
  7. Sustained arm elevation
  8. Shoulder overexertion
  9. Repetitive back movements
  10. Repetitive shoulder movements

Smart Injury Prevention

The Soter device is the smallest and lightweight wearable solution that monitors and understands an individual's risk of injury

  • Device measures & monitors 10 at-risk movements in real-time
  • Works independently from any phone in the workplace
  • Provides real-time feedback to the worker via audio and haptic feedback
  • 30+ day battery life, 20 grams weight, fits any body type
  • No Wi-Fi required
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Multiple Wearing Options

The Soter device can be mounted on any piece of existing personal hardware via smart adapters. With the 30-day battery life of the Soter devices, once attached, they do not have to be removed until the program is completed

  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Helmet
  • Headset
Wearing Methods

Rapid & Simple Implementation

The fully-autonomous charging hub with an integrated tablet to launch and scale the solution in just minutes

  • Simultaneous charging of up to 40 devices
  • Independant from corporate IT-resources
  • Only 5 seconds to synchronize daily data
  • Easy to rotate across sites
  • Rapid multiple check-in/check-out options: via QR codes, employee badges, barcode scanners
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How Coaching Works

SoterCoach puts the worker first through human-centric design which makes it very easy to use, manage and scale across organizations of any industry and size. The solution implementation process takes less than 1 hour, with a tangible result observed after 10-20 days of use.

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How we work

When hazardous movement is detected, the device notifies a worker after the movement is completed

step 02
How we work

Each time the device beeps & vibrates, the worker begins to self-correct movements to avoid the beep

step 03
How we work

After a short while, the worker creates a safer new movement behaviour and controls it without device feedback

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A Complete Risk Data Overview

  • SoterCoach App
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Job Dictionary

Personalized Training
& Insights

Training, personalized to the individual's actual movements and injury risk, is delivered to the worker via the app (available in English, French, Spanish, German and other languages).

The App helps to improve lifting behaviour even among large groups of workers, decreasing hazardous movements they make by between 30-70%.

A Complete Risk
Data Overview

The dashboard represents data is collected from the devices to be used by progressive safety teams to then engineer/substitute/eliminate risk out of different tasks and the workplace.

It is the accumulation of all the in field real-time training and data risk insights that the solution brings that will assist you to work up the Hierarchy of Controls to Elimination.

Data-Driven Hiring
& Role Requirements

A cloud-based solution that showcases employees’ on the job activities and ergonomic hazards allowing to have comprehensive risk & physical duties overview and hire only the most appropriate candidates for high-demanding roles.

Workplace Improvement

SoterTask, an AI-driven vision processing technology to accurately and quickly quantify risk within tasks, compare changes done and move up the hierarchy of controls

  • Capture & assess work tasks on the go
  • Itemizes every movement and identifies the origins of a risk
  • Eliminate risks by evaluating exact angles of the entire body or its segments

Make Data-Proven Decisions

Compare videos to visualize ergonomic risk when introducing new tools, changing tasks or manual handling techniques


Try Soter Platform
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