Improve Productivity
of Logistics Operations

Soter Analytics solutions assist logistics professionals to optimize worker well-being, resulting in improved productivity and overall system performance. Their wearables prevent workplace injuries, reducing lost workdays and employee turnover, ensuring smooth processes and high ROI.

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Smart wearables, powered by AI-driven ergonomic training programs, automate manual material handling training and improve workplace safety. On average, reducing up to 55% of back & shoulder work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
Prevent Back & Shoulder Injuries
With personalized ergonomic training programs that use AI, the Soter Analytics wearable solutions improve an individual's well-being and ergonomic safety.
Reduce Lost Workdays
Soter wearable solutions imprint behavioural changes, decreasing the risk of injury preventing lost workdays.
Improve Productivity & ROI
Soter wearables are engaging, compliance-focused and easy to scale across large workforces reducing any downtime, making it more effective than any other injury prevention method
Reduce Injuries and Improve
the Productivity of Your
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Take your workplace safety
from good to great

Based on AI-driven technology, smart wearables and mobile apps, Soter Analytics solutions coach workers to self-correct their movements in real-time and reduce the risk of injury. Whether the worksite consists of 10 or 1000 employees, Soter wearables are easy to deploy and scale in just a few hours.

Implementation methods that
suit your business
  • Fully independent of corporate IT resources;
  • 1 device can cover up to 16 workers;
  • Can be implemented without a mobile phone;
  • Does not collect sensitive personal data;
  • No Wi-Fi required.
Advanced analytics
made for humans
  • View and manage the progress of workers;
  • Visualize data to analyze and reduce workplace risks;
  • Design new workplace solutions;
  • Redesign processes, job tasks, equipment and training;
  • Associate risk levels with specific tasks or stock locations.

“Nobody likes back pain, but proper lifting is a habit that many new associates have not yet developed. The Soter device gently yet persistently raises the level of awareness, building a good incentive to use better body mechanics. The results of the Soter pilot program showed us that this product is an effective tool to reduce incorrect lifting, which can lead to fatigue, soreness, and even injury.”

Trever Ehrlich
Creative Solutions Manager
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industry-leading companies
Up to 55%
Reduction in Workplace
Up to 30%
Reduction in Lost
More Effective than
Other Solutions
Return on
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