Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in Construction

Soter Analytics’ wearable safety devices and AI-driven training programs help to identify and prevent musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers

Construction Injuries & WMSDs

Despite significant workplace improvements targeted on musculoskeletal injury reduction in the construction industry, workers are still at high risk. According to construction injury statistics, construction workers are still facing a higher risk of incurring a WMSD than all other industries combined. Soter wearable safety devices, powered with AI-driven training programs help construction professionals improve their material handling techniques, driving down the risk of injury.


Reduce the
Risk of Injury

According to the NORA, WMSDs are responsible for at least $45-54 billion of loss in the U.S. each year. Construction workers are particularly susceptible to WMSDs as they generally spend their workdays engaging in repetitive motions, such as bending, kneeling, twisting and lifting significant loads. Over time, these motions can lead to WMSDs that may impede a worker’s ability to function optimally or even cause lasting disabilities that preclude workers from continuing their careers.


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Training for Construction Workers

Soter solutions are designed to reduce a workers hazardous movements by between 30-70%. Safe material lifting techniques allow workers to avoid injuries and increase workplace effectiveness. Soter training programs provide personalized guides and biofeedback in the form of audible, vibro tactile and visual data to educate workers on correct movements while they work. This form of training produces an outcome that is 65% more effective than other solutions, e.g. in-class training or on-site ergonomics consultant.


Innovations in Construction Safety

Among many approaches to improve safety in construction, wearable devices are one of the easiest and efficient to implement. Soter solutions outplay personal protective equipment and safety training through the human-centric design, plug-n-play approach and ROI. Ensuring behavioural changes in lifting techniques among workers, Soter wearable safety devices identify and reduce job-related MSD hazards from day 1. Moreover, they provide managers with a comprehensive ergonomic overview of their worksites.


Soter Analytics Clients Success Stories


Travis Perkins (UK)

Soter Analytics helps UK’s largest building merchant to reduce manual handling injuries by 55%


Giant Eagle Supermarkets (US)

Wearable devices help the 34,000-employee retailer reduce risk of injury by 31%


Kenco Logistics (US)

Kenco uses Soter Clip&Go wearable technology to proactively prevent injuries


St John of God (AU)

Soter Analytics AI-driven wearable solutions reduce spine and shoulder injuries among Caregivers

Start Preventing Injuries with SoterCoach

The wearable device, personal mobile app & tutorials for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard

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