Ergonomics in Healthcare

Soter wearable devices & AI-driven coaching programs help to prevent back and shoulder work related injuries in healthcare, hospitals & support services

Ergonomics for Healthcare Workers

The daily activities of healthcare professionals expose them to increasingly hazardous biomechanical demands. Quality ergonomic solutions are of high importance. Overexertion, repetitive movements or static postures are the most common issues and consequences such as back injuries, numbness, tingling, loss of mobility or even temporary disablement for medical staff with longstanding treatment plans cost industry $20bn annually.


Preventing MSDs & Lifting Injuries

Patient handling is one of the most frequent causes for musculoskeletal injuries. Standard prevention practices like classroom training or risk assessment require people to be off the job and may result only in a short term perspective. Using instantaneous user feedback and bite size micro-learnings, Soter wearables train the right lifting behavior among caregivers in-situ, ensuring self-correction, high engagement and motivation to move safely.


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Back & Shoulder Injury Prevention

Due to the nature of movements, Soter solutions meet the needs of the variety of roles in the healthcare sector, e.g. paramedics, nursing, engineering, cleaning or maintenance. Smart ergonomic sensors analyze back and shoulder movements in real time and provide instantaneous audible and vibro feedback. The program is accompanied by various high quality manual handling training programs that are able to be completed in-situ via a mobile app.


An Efficient
Returning to Work

Ensuring the safety of injured staff returning to work is highly critical in healthcare. Soter wearables help to reduce the hazardous movements that lead to risk of injury or reinjury and data with the observation/supervision of returning to work employees. Managers can get instant access to the profile of hazardous tasks of every worker via the dashboard, and organize an intervention when needed.


Soter Analytics Clients Success Stories


Travis Perkins (UK)

Soter Analytics helps UK’s largest building merchant to reduce manual handling injuries by 55%


Giant Eagle Supermarkets (US)

Wearable devices help the 34,000-employee retailer reduce risk of injury by 31%


Kenco Logistics (US)

Kenco uses Soter Clip&Go wearable technology to proactively prevent injuries


St John of God (AU)

Soter Analytics AI-driven wearable solutions reduce spine and shoulder injuries among Caregivers

Start Preventing Injuries with SoterCoach

The wearable device, personal mobile app & tutorials for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard

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