Injury Prevention for Warehousing & Logistics

Soter devices help warehousing & logistics companies prevent the largest injury problem – work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Prevent Back & Shoulder Injuries

Soter wearable devices detect and measure hazardous movements that put the spine or shoulder at risk of injury. These smart sensors notify workers about their injury risk in real-time and help prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Easily scalable, whether the worksite site consists of 10 or 1000 workers,the wearables provide fully-personalized safety to each of them.


Automate Manual Handling Training

Soter’s AI-driven Manual Handling Coaching program teaches workers to self-correct their movements in real-time, which results in long-term behavioral improvement and increased awareness of posture and safe techniques. At the end of the program, workers typically reduce hazardous movements which lead to injuries by up to 70%.


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Reduce Claims Costs & Expenses

Manual handling injuries are the most costly, and equate to 38% more work days lost. Using Soter Devices, workers reduce back and shoulder injuries by up to 55%, which results in a decrease of both direct and in-direct injury costs, saving on compensation claims while keeping the workforce productive and healthy.


Drop-down Recordable Injuries

Behavioral improvements in manual handling tasks driven by the training program not only help workers to prevent injuries long term, but also reduce the total number of recordable injuries across the entire organization. This creates a more sustainable business compliant to governmental regulators like OSHA or IOSH.


Soter Analytics Clients Success Stories


Travis Perkins (UK)

Soter Analytics helps UK’s largest building merchant to reduce manual handling injuries by 55%


Giant Eagle Supermarkets (US)

Wearable devices help the 34,000-employee retailer reduce risk of injury by 31%


Kenco Logistics (US)

Kenco uses Soter Clip&Go wearable technology to proactively prevent injuries


St John of God (AU)

Soter Analytics AI-driven wearable solutions reduce spine and shoulder injuries among Caregivers

Start Preventing Injuries with SoterCoach

The wearable device, personal mobile app & tutorials for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard

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