A Complete Ergonomic Training Experience

AI-driven ergonomic coaching app to set up the correct manual handling techniques, prevent injuries & motivate safety among your workforce

Learn by Working.​™

SoterCoach App delivers personalized coaching to workers and provides recommendations via a mobile app or a communal tablet. It helps to improve lifting behaviour even among large groups of workers within a 20-day period, decreasing hazardous movements they make by between 30-70%.

Also, the App provides ergonomic insights to workers, making them aware of body movements and corresponded risks, driving safety culture.

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Ergonomic Risk Data & Personalized Insights

On-the-Job Manual Handling Coaching

Easy-to-Understand Tutorials

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Personalized Training & Insights

Training, personalized to the individual's actual movements and injury risk, is delivered to the worker via the app

  • 20-day personalized training program
  • Gives bursts of relevant daily micro-learning tutorials to assist behavioural change
  • Worker is in control of their own learning experience
  • Visually represents important movement data for self-reflection
  • Worker does not need a phone in the workplace (coaching is delivered daily on a phone or communal tablet)
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The Communal Management App

The complete mobile console for managing the entire workforce, performance checking and insight on ergonomic data

  • Data collection & insights
  • Easy set-up process (less than 30 seconds)
  • Visually represents the most important data
  • Daily ad-hoc device selection
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Available Training Programs

  • Manual Handling Training
  • Early Intervention Training
  • Custom Training Content

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training would help to increase awareness of posture and body mechanics through the biofeedback from the device, together with the Manual Handling Coaching program, delivered through the mobile app.

Early Intervention Training

Prevent severe injuries by providing an Early Intervention Training program. Thorough technique coaching, stretching and advice are offered to intervene and prevent the beginning of a strain becoming a recordable injury. Help your workers to manage early signs of injury, without taking time away from work.

Custom Training Content

Upload your unique training content and deliver it through the app, maximizing its effectiveness using biofeedback from the wearable device, e.g. video tutorials, task-based coaching programs or content in different languages. Completely automate training experience among your workforce or run sessions on the job & remotely.

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We'll give you an overview of Soter Solutions, provide examples of use cases, show you the dashboard and reporting, and talk through the basics of a good implementation. As the result, you'll see how your organization can:



Get up to 86% of reduction in back & shoulder ergonomic injuries



Achieve up to 67% of reduction in workers compensation costs



Ensure smooth operations and reduce employee turnover



Earn over 250% ROI when partnering with Soter Analytics

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