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Wearable devices powered by AI and the future of data-driven intelligence help Giant Eagle’s employees reduce their risk of injury

General information

Giant Eagle and Soter Analytics began their collaboration in November 2018 to trial the SoterCoach solution for 3-months. The trial was carried out in their Bedford Heights warehouse (Cleveland, Ohio). After producing very positive results, the SoterCoach is being rolled out across multiple warehouses with the focus on new employees using it to learn best-practice manual handling techniques when beginning their employment with Giant Eagle.

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Giant Eagle is one of the top 75 North American food retailers, with 32,000 employees, operates 474 stores, and is the 32nd largest privately held company in the US. Giant Eagle has always had the mission to ensure the best possible working conditions for their employees and put health & safety as an absolute priority in their business.


Giant Eagle has a large distributed workforce across five states and ensuring effective training is delivered to all staff has been an ongoing challenge. They have been researching and trialing wearable solutions for several years, believing that technology can and should deliver a high quality, consistent experience to all workers. Giant Eagle previously trialed another wearable solution but found problems with the accuracy of detecting movements, while the battery of the device had to be recharged daily, which added complexity in a busy warehouse.


Workers were set up during a short 20-minute briefing session where they were given a device and profiles were created in the App. Team leaders were also present and were trained on how to access and use the online SoterCoach Dashboard to manage progress. Two groups of workers undertook the program, firstly the in-field trainers followed by a group of new starters.



New Starters

New Starters

The analyzed data highlighted there was an opportunity, especially with New Starters. Training and embedding best-practice manual handling techniques with these new workers will allow Giant Eagle to reduce the amount of injuries workers receive early in their career with the company, a career that is hopefully long and injury free.

While workers were undertaking the program, Giant Eagle’s long-serving ergonomics advisory team also conducted a detailed review of the SoterCoach device and reported that the device was accurately detecting movements and that warnings were given for movements that have high potential to cause injury.


The ergonomics team at Giant Eagle will continue to be heavily involved in using Soter Analytics’ data software tools, applying their expertise. This will aid in understanding where the risks are within warehouses and consequently implement solutions to eliminate them. Estimates are that Giant Eagle will have more than 8,000 hours of worker collected data every month and all this will be presented in an easy-to-comprehend format on the SoterCoach Dashboard allowing professionals to move away from spending time trying to locate risks and instead use the time to create solutions.


Soter Analytics is now supporting Giant Eagle in using the solution in their other warehouses, with the plan to cover over 1,000 employees during the next 12-months. The majority of workers will be new starters, but focus will also be given to those who have reported back pain and volunteers who feel they need to improve their working techniques.

Soter Analytics will also be working with Giant Eagle to provide specific training material within the SoterCoach App to ensure that training is consistent across the business.

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