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Soter Analytics, in partnership with OccuCare, help organizations in the midwest avoid the largest injury problem faced by the industrial sector – ergonomic injuries


Leaders in eliminating workplace injuries and deliver additional value to their end-customer by helping them implement the SoterCoach solution into their workforce. They analyze the vast amounts of data collected and identify hot-spots that can be eliminated by redesigning the working process.


The SoterCoach solution: a wearable, lightweight sensor worn on the back of a vest or shirt, which identifies & quantifies hazardous working postures & movements, and provides the worker with personalized coaching via the app, powered by AI & Machine Learning. A dashboard is also available to view and manage the data and understand where to implement new workplace designs & solutions.


OccuCare has been servicing its client, a warehousing company supplying organic foods nation-wide. The primary service OccuCare provides is on-site after-injury care to give early treatment & reduce the recovery times for injured employees, and this has already delivered a 102% ROI to the client. OccuCare wanted to build on this success to accelerate their offering to the client.

OccuCare’s objective was to decrease time lost to injury further, by preventing the injury from occurring in the first place. The SoterCoach solution was selected as the partnership necessary to achieve this across the warehouse workforce. The SoterCoach 10-day coaching program was rolled out to a select group of employees.

The SoterCoach solution is twofold. Firstly, the sensor worn by the worker increases their awareness of any hazardous movements they make and coaches how to avoid these, thus reducing the risk of injury. Secondly, the SoterCoach Dashboard, which displays vast amounts of data, was accessed by OccuCare, enabling them to spot trends to proactively improve the workplace with their client.


Comparative assessment of the client against warehouse data from other Soter long-term customers.

In the end of the program, OccuCare's client faced a sizeable challenge. Their injury rates were extremely high, leading to significant negative productivity & turnover outcomes. SoterCoach enabled the identification of the specific hazardous movements, helping them fix the problem.

Comparision to other warehouses

Hazardous Movement Causes


Soter Analytics and OccuCare analyzed the first few months of data and concluded the following:

1. The client had a risk exposure of more than 3 times the industry average.
2. Most of these movements were twisting (the highest risk movement).
3. There was a significant variation between the individual workers performing the same task.


The data collected enabled a quick and sustainable improvement strategy:

1. Practical worker manual handling training using the SoterCoach personalized training App, partnered with Occucare’s ergonomists.
2. Tailored notification interface with the SoterCoach specifically focused on twisting.
3. OccuCare will continue to use the SoterCoach to identify and reduce the workplace risk.

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Start Preventing Injuries with SoterCoach

The wearable device, personal mobile app & tutorials for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard

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