St John of God
Case Study

Soter Analytics collaborate with St John of God Subiaco Hospital (SJGSH) to help prevent employee spine and shoulder injuries using AI and wearable devices

General information

The SoterCoach: a wearable technology solution capturing spine and shoulder hazardous movements and risk multipliers. Consisting of the smallest and lightest safety device on the market with industry-leading battery life, it is accompanied by a mobile app for the worker and an online dashboard for management. Real-time feedback, autonomous learning and self-tracking elicits the increase in awareness required for self-adjustment. The solution provides a shift in manual handling behavioural change by transferring the responsibility to the individuals.

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St John of God Subiaco Hospital is a world-class private hospital in Perth, Western Australia offering the highest quality medical and surgical care in a warm and welcoming environment. The organization employs more than 13,000 care givers across Australian & New Zealand.

Many of Perth’s leading specialist physicians and surgeons’ practice at the 578-bed hospital, allowing inpatients, outpatients and day patients to access a comprehensive range of services including maternity, medical, surgical, rehabilitation and allied health.


The St John of God Subiaco Hospital team have been monitoring and assisting their staff by means of continual classroom training and ongoing task risk assessments. The challenge to have staff off the job for training has always posed as a concern and therefore they jumped at the opportunity to engage in a program that was able to be completed in-situ with instantaneous user feedback and bite size micro-learnings to help with engagement and behavioral change.


WORKER: Vibro-tactile feedback, coupled with in-app personalised data tracking and 3 minute in-situ microlearning tutorials, created a heightened awareness of activity resulting in personalised encouragement to adjust and decrease the number of hazardous movements being made.

MANAGEMENT: All data was made available to management via a web-based dashboard.

Spine: Risk Breakdown & HM Improvement

Spine: Risk Breakdown & HM Improvement

Shoulder: Risk Breakdown & HM Improvement

Shoulder: Risk Breakdown & HM Improvement

Solution Outcome

SJGSH / SoterCoach contributions:
- Improvement for all risk groups of employees
- Risk breakdown differences to help with hazard identification
- Increased movement awareness of the employees
- Improved safety culture and emphasis on worker wellness
- Employee empowerment and autonomy
- Proactive insight into work done in the workplace
- Safe, non-invasive secure clip on device


St John of God Subiaco Hospital will now look at a plan to run the SoterCoach program through their organization with a potential to have customised tutorials content.

Potential direct cost savings:
- Reduce hazardous movements leads to reduced risk of injury
- Reduce the cost of manual handling training and down time, training done in-situ with direct feedback
- Reduce the requirement of observation/supervision of employees
- Profile of hazardous tasks (task risk assessment)

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