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Soter Analytics helps UK’s largest building merchant to reduce manual handling injuries by 55%

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The SoterCoach: a wearable technology solution capturing 8 different types of hazardous movements and consisting of the smallest and lightest safety device on the market with industry-leading battery life. It is accompanied by a mobile app for the worker and an online dashboard for management. Implementing the SoterCoach solution helped the Travis Perkins Group reduce one of their largest injury problems — Manual Handling Injuries.

The solution provides a shift in manual handling behavioural change by transferring the responsibility to the individuals. Real-time feedback, autonomous learning and self-tracking elicits the increase in awareness required for self-adjustment.

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Travis Perkins Group is the UK’s largest distributor of building materials and prides itself on ‘Keeping People Safe’ which is a core value within their health & safety culture.


Travis Perkins has recognized the value of prevention for years and it’s central to their efforts in reducing manual handling injury risks and costs.


The first longitudinal outcome data of impact of SoterCoach showed a 55% drop in manual handling injuries in 2019


Immediate vibration and audible feedback from the device when hazardous ergonomic movements were made, coupled with in-app personalised data tracking and 3-minute microlearning tutorials, created a heightened awareness of the movements made for every worker and effectively coached them to reduce the quantity they made, reducing their long-term injury risk. tutorials, created a heightened awareness of the movements made for every worker and effectively coached them to reduce the quantity they made, reducing their long-term injury risk.


Insights were made available to management via a web-based dashboard and used for debriefing sessions following the program, encouraging workers to share their experiences and recommendations of alterations to their work, aiding in the large reduction of hazardous movements resulting in a 55% drop in manual handling injuries.

Hazardous Movement Reduction 2019

Y/Y Manual Handling Injury Reduction


The SoterCoach solution was implemented across a very large and diversely located workforce, with workers within branches conducting daily manual handling tasks, including delivery drivers.


The collaboration between Soter Analytics and the Travis Perkins Group shows strong evidence for the use of wearable technology and analytics within industry when used by health and safety professionals in collaboration with industrial workers to identify and reduce the risk from workplaces and tasks.

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The wearable device, personal mobile app & tutorials for workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard

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