How to set up

Follow the instructions below to set up your SoterCoach account and begin your no-injury experience

How to set up your Soter device

Before you begin using your Soter device, you must connect it to the SoterCoach app account with your phone.

Scroll down for quick 1 minute videos on how to set up your SoterCoach device and how it will help you!

Connecting your Soter device to the SoterCoach app allows it to transfer (or sync) data back and forth with the Soter device.

1. Download and install the SoterCoach app from one of the following locations:

--a. Apple devices - App Store

--b. Android devices - Google Play

Note that you need an account with the store before you can download apps.

2. Make sure Bluetooth is ‘switched on’ on your phone

3. Open the SoterCoach app: and click OK to allow Bluetooth connection.

4. To create an account: Click SIGN UP located below the LOGIN button and complete the details. Note all details you enter to create an account are private.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect ("pair") your Soter device to your phone by scanning the QR code on the back of the device. Pairing makes sure your Soter device and phone can communicate with one another (sync their data).

--a. If the device fails to sync, switch on WiFi and GPS on your mobile phone to make Bluetooth connection more stable, and retry the synchronisation.

6. Attach the device at the start of your shift

--a. Make sure it is positioned securely with the button facing outwards!

--b. A loose collar or thin fabric will NOT hold the device in place and will affect accuracy

--c. The closer to the body the better

7. Listen to the beeps and check your results on your app daily.

8. Read through the daily 3 minute micro-learning tutorials.

SoterCoach: How it works

Watch the video to learn how SoterCoach works.

SoterCoach App & Device Setup Guide

Watch the video to learn how to register in the SoterCoach App and use the device.


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