SoterCoach Explained

A deep guide to the SoterCoach wearable solution, how it works and outsmarts traditional ergonomic training
Leveraging technology to address risks and hazards in the workplace can be a lengthy process if not well understood and deployed with care and knowledge about the solution and what it can do for your organization. Soter Analytics provides a solution that showcases a direct investment towards the safety and wellbeing of the individual while also complementing the general work environment and the organization. Boasting accuracy above that of observational techniques, minimally invasive, easy to implement, and delivering multi-level results from the individual worker to the upper management.

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  • 1
    How It Works
    The science behind the SoterCoach Solution and how it works
  • 2
    Ergonomics Efficiency
    How to automate ergonomics processes
  • 3
    ROI & Case Studies
    Leveraging your return on investment

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