The Safety Professional’s
Data Playbook

A guide to using your data effectively to move up the Hierarchy of Controls and keep your workers injury free.

If you want to see how easy it is to understand the data on our dashboard, then this is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are using our product already, are planning to, or just want to see how the data process/application to action works.

This guide will give you clear insight on how the data helps you move up each of the Hierarchy of Controls. It then leads you through a use case example with tips and tricks that will help you effectively use the collected data to identify individuals at risk of injury, opportunities, or overall problem areas including job roles, departments, or tasks in your organization.

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To Learn About:

  • How to get the most out of safety data using Soter Solutions
  • How to apply Soter Solutions in the most effective manner
  • How to improve your worksite safety using data insights

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