Wearables for Injury Prevention

Smart wearables for reducing MSDs by over 86% among large groups of workers through personalized AI-driven coaching

SoterCoach. Learn by Working.™

SoterCoach is the first wearable solution & training program that uses AI to improve an individual's ergonomic safety. It delivers personalized coaching to workers using a wearable device and provides recommendations via a mobile app.

More than 10,000+ workers in organizations all around the globe use SoterCoach every day
  • Reduce Workers Comp Costs by 67%

    SoterCoach reduces the risk of spine & back injuries - the most common and costly workplace injuries

  • Reduce Back & Shoulder Injuries by 86%

    The personalized training program uses AI to improve individual ergonomic safety. The result is a systemic reduction in injuries across entire organizations

  • More Effective Than Other Solutions

    The real-time data collection and notifications cements behavioural change in one engaging, compliance-focused and easy-to-scale solution. No class time or external experts required

SoterCoach Includes

  • The Soter Device

    A small, lightweight wearable solution that monitors and understands risk of injury

    • Measures & monitors 10 hazardous movements in real-time

    • Works independently from phones in the workplace

    • Provides real-time audio & haptic feedback

  • The SoterCoach App

    Personalized training based on the individual's actual movements and injury risk is delivered via the app

    • Burts daily micro-learning tutorials to assist behavioural change

    • 20-day personalized program

    • No phone required during work time

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Linking managers and workers, the Soter analytics dashboard provides a complete state of progress

    • Access all data immediately

    • View and manage worker progress easily

    • Design and implement new workplace solutions informed by accurate analytics

How SoterCoach Solves the Problem

SoterCoach uses biofeedback to a alert a worker to high-risk movements while they are performing their tasks. The haptic and audible notifications provide internal learning to alter nerve pathways and is one of the most effective tools for self-correction and increasing awareness. Three main components of risk are tracked: poor technique, awkward static postures, and high intensity.

Throughout the program of SoterCoach, biofeedback risk alerts are tailored to the individual and promote proprioception, encouraging better awareness of one’s movement patterns.

  1. Workers wear the device on the back or shoulder for 2-4 weeks. Real-time audio and haptic feedback facilitate awareness

  2. Daily 3-5 minute micro-learning tutorials delivered through the app (on the communal tablet or a phone)

  3. Ergonomic awareness improves. Reducing the average number of daily hazardous movements by 30-70% in just 20 days

Available Training Programs

  • Manual Handling Training (Back/Shoulder)

    Manual Handling Training would help to increase awareness of posture and body mechanics through the biofeedback from the device, together with the Manual Handling Coaching program, delivered through the mobile app.

  • Early Intervention Training (Back/Shoulder)

    Prevent severe injuries by providing an Early Intervention Training program. Thorough technique coaching, stretching and advice are offered to intervene and prevent the beginning of a strain becoming a recordable injury. Help your workers to manage early signs of injury, without taking time away from work.

SoterCoach vs Traditional Manual Handling Training

Soter provides an ergonomic solution which outsmarts traditional training methods

Our Partners Success Stories

  • Wincanton

    Wincanton uses Soter AI-ergonomic sensors resulting in 250 days of no lost-time injuries

  • United Farmers of Alberta

    United Farmers of Alberta reduced ergonomic injuries by 86% with behavior changing wearables

  • CNH Industrial-Saskatoon

    Unprecedented safety milestone for CNH Saskatoon eliminating injuries in one year with Soter tech

  • Endeavour Energy

    Endeavour Energy improves health & safety of their workforce using Soter Analytics technologies

Book a Free Online Demo

We'll give you an overview of Soter Solutions, provide examples of use cases, show you the dashboard and reporting, and talk through the basics of a good implementation. As the result, you'll see how your organization can:


    Get up to 86% of reduction in back & shoulder ergonomic injuries


    Achieve up to 67% of reduction in workers compensation costs


    Ensure smooth operations and reduce employee turnover


    Earn over 250% ROI when partnering with Soter Analytics

Frequently Asked Question

The Soter products were born out of a desire to reduce workplace injuries and create economic value for our clients through improved safety outcomes. Our multidisciplinary team of safety professionals, medical doctors, physiotherapists, ergonomists, exercise scientists, and data and technical engineers have used their collective expertise to create a solution that comprehensively addresses risk at all levels—from the individual worker to specific tasks and the overall work environment.

One of our significant achievements includes a 55% drop in musculoskeletal injuries announced in 2019 by Travis Perkins in the UK. Since then, numerous organizations have experienced reduced risk of injury with our solutions, leading to an average of 65% injury reduction, along with an average spine injury risk reduction of 36%, and shoulder injury risk reduction of 89%.

Our approach to ensuring worker safety integrates meticulous technical measurements and international industry standards, including but not limited to International Standards 11228-1 to 11228-6 & 12295, OSHA's Ergonomics Program Standard 29 CFR 1910.900, and Safe Work Australia's Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice. We've supplemented these measures with insights gained from numerous peer-reviewed studies.

By consistently using Soter products, we have been able to fine-tune these standards based on solid real-world evidence. This blending of established standards and practical evidence has resulted in a proven method for assessing musculoskeletal safety, bridging the gap between theoretical standards and real-world applications.

Furthermore, there's a growing body of literature evidence highlighting the benefits to workers who use wearable technology with haptic feedback, and we're actively collaborating with companies and academia worldwide to contribute to this knowledge base.

Our Soter wearable technology is designed with an emphasis on precision and rigorous adherence to well-established safety standards. It utilizes an inertial motion sensor along with advanced data algorithms to identify and quantify movements such as bending, twisting, or applying force that could pose a risk to the worker's musculoskeletal system.

The Soter program provides a wealth of data that can significantly contribute to your organization's safety and productivity. Here's how you can leverage this data:

Comprehensive Risk Support

The analytics dashboard presents all the data collected from the Soter devices. It offers insights tailored to individuals, teams, groups, job roles, tasks, and sites. This comprehensive view of risk at both the individual and organizational level helps identify areas needing attention, ultimately driving improvements in ergonomic processes and fostering a strong safety culture.

Identify Safety Champions and Change Resistance

The dashboard also tracks various psychosocial factors in the workplace. Reports generated can highlight safety champions and identify workers who may be resistant to change, providing crucial insights for promoting a positive safety culture.

Monitor Work Intensity and Hazard Fluctuations

The dashboard displays information on work and task intensity over time, revealing fluctuations in hazards throughout shifts or weeks. This data can help target work-rest cycles or job rotation, promoting healthier work schedules and reducing injury risk.

Implement Task Modification

The Soter program can identify repetitive hazardous movements associated with everyday tasks. This information allows you to review these tasks for potential modification, substitution, or the introduction of tools and aids to reduce injury risk.

Progress Towards Improvement

The data collected and displayed on the Soter dashboard is a powerful tool for implementing changes in the hierarchy of controls. Traditionally, insights and progress toward improvements have been driven by injury investigations or resource-intensive observation. With the Soter program, these insights are available continuously and in real-time, providing a proactive approach to safety and productivity improvements.

The data provided by the Soter program is not only informative but also actionable, leading to impactful changes in your organization's safety culture and overall productivity.

Ensuring accountability is essential in the successful deployment and operation of the Soter program. Here are some strategies we have assisted organizations in supporting their area managers:

Stakeholder Buy-In

Encourage area managers to believe in and commit to the vision of the Soter solution. When they understand and support the goals of the program, they're more likely to champion it effectively on the ground.

Investment in Training

Ensure your managers receive thorough training on the Soter program. When they deeply understand the technology and its benefits, they can better guide their teams and answer any queries that may arise.

Monitoring Program Success

Encourage area managers to continually monitor the program's deployment and adjust strategies based on the data. The Soter dashboard provides easily readable data that helps identify potential risks, allowing for quick adjustments without needing a data analytics expert.

Promoting Collaboration and Feedback

Foster a culture of open communication and collective problem-solving. Encourage area managers to engage their teams in safety discussions, promote the sharing of ideas and concerns, and facilitate feedback to upper management.

Implementing Accountability Measures

Soter has developed a robust reporting method and system for managers to easily follow using the Soter dashboard to help them consistently see the improvements and benefits the program is having on their team and assist them in keeping their workers motivated and safe.

These steps can empower your area managers to take ownership of the Soter program implementation and ensure a successful, safety-focused culture in your organization.

Union buy-in is key to implementing a new safety program like Soter's. Given the historical concerns around worker productivity measures and potential misuse of technology, it's understandable that unions may have reservations about new safety tech. Here's how we suggest addressing these concerns:

Open Communication

Understand and articulate the benefits of the Soter program clearly. Emphasize that it's designed for safety management, not performance monitoring, and our goal is to improve workers' well-being rather than intensify digital scrutiny.

Inclusion in Decision-Making

Involve the union in the decision-making process. Their insights can be valuable, and their concerns are crucial to address.

Transparency about Data Collection

Know what data the Soter program collects, and ensure that only relevant information for safety management is gathered.

Mitigate Risks

We're committed to working with you to address potential concerns. For instance, if geolocation isn't necessary, it can be disabled. We can also provide aggregated or anonymized data to management, and ensure workers have regular access to their own data.

Involving all relevant stakeholders in your organization, including H&S teams, HR, legal, innovation teams, and operational management, is crucial. Engage your workers in the discussion, seek their feedback, and address their concerns proactively.

Remember, the purpose of implementing the Soter program is to enhance safety and protect the well-being of your workers. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our account managers. They're always ready to help guide you through this journey.

​​The Soter wearable devices are designed with mobility in mind. They come equipped with a battery life of over 60 days, eliminating the need for frequent charging or returning to a base for power.

All information collected by the Soter wearable devices is stored within the devices themselves and can be synced remotely. This data is then transferred to a centralized dashboard. This dashboard maps all areas of risk, translating the data into an easily readable format that paints a clear picture of your workers' safety environment. It provides key starting points for you to begin mitigating any risks that may arise.

So even if your staff is constantly on the move, you can still access and analyze their data to maintain a strong safety culture within your organization.

We believe in the power of in-house advocacy and hands-on support to ensure the successful use of our program. Here's how it works with our current partners:

The Soter Champion

We encourage each site to designate a "Soter Champion" - a team member who has first-hand experience with the SoterCoach program and believes in its benefits. Trained by the Soter team, the Champion helps educate their colleagues about the device and supports its allocation.

The Customer Success Manager

We provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager to each client. This person is there to assist your team with the day-to-day operation of the program, resolving tech issues, strategizing implementation, and driving towards the success metrics you've defined at the beginning. They can also facilitate site visits and handle logistics for a multiple-location rollout, supporting you in creating the most effective timeline.

Education and Promotion

Successful integration of the Soter program requires clear and simple communication to your workforce. It's important to give everyone time to understand the concept, ask questions, and try the device for themselves, especially management and supervisory staff. The more familiar your team is with the SoterCoach devices, the smoother your program will run.

We recommend these elements as the key to a successful implementation. If you're ready to improve workplace safety with Soter, we're excited to partner with you on this journey.

Radio module used in our device is FCC certified to be used in wearable devices. It’s safe to be used together with pacemakers and transmission power is extremely small (thousands of times smaller than having a mobile phone in the pocket) and much less radiation than wireless headphones.

We understand that measuring the ROI of any investment is a critical aspect of business decision-making. To assist you in this process, we have created an easy-to-follow formula detailed in our eBook, "Mastering ROI for Workplace Safety Interventions in 5 Steps". This guide offers a step-by-step approach to calculating the financial returns of implementing the Soter program in your organization.

To download the eBook and start your journey towards mastering ROI for workplace safety interventions, simply click on this link.