Social Distancing
Wearable Solution

Smart wearable solution providing physical distancing alerts and trace contacts to reduce COVID-19 risk among your workforce & customers

Social Distancing for Your Workforce

Soter Analytics has added a social distancing solution within our wearable technology to equip operations with effective controls to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus between the workforce and/or customers.

The solution detects when one person enters the space of others. These distances are customizable depending on your controls, with the default settings being 12 ft. and 6 ft.

Smart Wearables to Fight COVID-19

Soter Analytics social distancing wearable solution helps to control the safe space between your workforce or customers and effectively limits the spread of the COVID-19 virus within workplaces of any industry

Benefits for the Worker:

  • Coaching workers (and customers) on maintaining social distancing. This is a new unconventional awareness that requires training
  • Provides the right tool to keep workers, their colleagues, and their customers safe
  • Secures workers with piece of mind that controls have been invested in and implemented

Benefits for the Employer:

  • Implement an effective control to maintain social distancing within your operation
  • Audit multiple sites from remote locations and give early warning signs to management and workers
  • Contact tracing and reporting
  • Protect customers and workers
  • Ranking of risk areas and groups
  • Demonstrate compliance
  • Low cost, high ROI

Reduce COVID-19 Risk
With SoterSpace

Contact Tracing Dashboard

Always be aware of all contacts that occurred on your worksite and take relevant actions when it's needed


The Technology of

SoterSpace puts the worker first through human-centric design which makes it very easy to use, manage and scale across organizations of any industry and size. The solution implementation process takes less than 1 hour for 100’s of workers.

How we work

Lightweight wearable sensor with
30-days battery life that is worn on the shirt

How we work

Haptic and audible warnings when encroachment occurs

How we work

Robust and reliable hardware - used across the world in multiple industries

Launch SoterSpace
Within Your Workforce

Find out how our solutions can make
your worksite a safer place

Why SoterSpace?


Fast & Simple

Implement the solution in less than one hour for dozens of workers


Comprehensive Data

Audit multiple sites from remote locations and give early warning signs


Long-term Improvements

Coach workers and customers on maintaining social distancing


Reduce COVID-19 risk

Minimize risk of spreading the virus among employees & customers

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