Ergonomic Risk & Task Assessment App

AI-driven vision processing technology to assess ergonomic risk within tasks in minutes and on-the-go

Data-Driven Task Assessment

A cloud-based solution combines video captured through our mobile application with AI-driven data analysis to accurately measure risk movements in the workplace and help you to ​implement controls that keep your workforce safe.

The video & data of workplace tasks is available on the online dashboard.

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Speed Up Assessments

Capture & assess work tasks on the go. Videos from the app are automatically synchronized with the dashboard for AI-driven processing, allowing you to get an instant result


Engage Workers

Show processed videos to workers within minutes, replacing long ergonomic reports with a very simple & intuitive risks explanation form, understandable to everyone


Apply Everywhere

High usability technology suitable for all levels: from workers through to management. It can be used both to solve one small task or for large ergonomic projects

Assess Tasks in Minutes & On the Go

Capture your task risks on the go measuring what your eye can’t, then watch it automatically process and produce a detailed report evaluating exact angles of the entire body and its segments.

The outcome and improvement metrics can be continually monitored via the all on one platform ensuring a 360-degree view of task risks.

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Capture & assess work tasks on the go. Take videos through the SoterTask mobile app at anytime to get real-time interpretation of risk and further analysis in the dashboard.

Quick identification of ergonomic risks means rapid reaction. Rapid reaction - less injuries.



Show processed videos to workers within minutes, replacing long ergonomic reports with simple and intuitive risks explanations.

The simple interpretation of data furnishes high engagement rates when improving ergonomic techniques, more controlled physical activity and fewer injuries.



Eliminate risks by evaluating exact angles of the entire body or its segments.

The dashboard does all the report writing for you, displaying detailed and analyzed hazard information along with using integrated industry standard ergo tools for assessment and risk comparisons.



Compare videos to visualize ergonomic risk when introducing new tools or manual handling techniques.

For implementing best practices, an easily generated in-depth ergonomic report can be exported for evaluating options, record keeping and file sharing.


How It Works

How we work

Capture a video via the app or upload it straight to the platform

How we work

Algorithms process the video and measure a variety of postures & angles

How we work

Eliminate risks within tasks with the data-proven method

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