Data-Driven Hiring
& Job Profiles

Practise a data-driven approach to recruit the most appropriate candidates for physically demanding roles via the building a comprehensive job library

Data-Driven Hiring

  • Understand the risks within tasks to get better job requirements

  • Practise a data-driven recruitment approach to hire the most appropriate candidates for physically demanding roles

  • Build a comprehensive job library and evaluate job-fitting of current employees on suitability for existing tasks & duties

  • Use job profiling data to develop the most effective training programs & ensure maximum ergonomic safety from day 1

  • Create all-round job requirements to provide therapists with detailed info on effective return-to-work programs for injured workers

  • How It Works

    A combination of wearable ergonomic sensors with a cloud-based video capturing solution powered by AI-driven data analysis, to accurately measure at risk movements

  • Workers wear ergonomic sensors to collect data on movements & intensity of tasks

  • Videos of workers performing tasks are captured, then processed & analyzed via AI-powered platform SoterTask

  • Videos can be captured via the mobile app on the worksite and automatically synchronized for processing

  • Data is uploaded to the dashboard to provide management with instant access to insights & reports

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    Activity Analysis

    Collect & analyze data related to employees on the job activities and ergonomic hazards to have the most comprehensive risk & physical duties overview. Augmented with a Job Summary dictionary, the data can help to simplify the hiring or transfering to another position and ensure the best outcome both for employer & employee.


    Injury Risk Analysis

    Get access to spine & shoulder high-risk movements & intensity data to develop safety solutions and fit-for-duty strategies to prevent injuries among the workforce. For the best outcome, data is collected & represented in 4 various positions: neutral, static, repetitive and twisting.


    Physical Demand Analysis

    Understand how much strength is needed for specific jobs and what the required physical load is for the role to hire the most appropriate candidates.


    Try Data-Driven Hiring
    With Soter

    Soter Analytics Clients Success Stories


    Travis Perkins (UK)

    Soter Analytics helps UK’s largest building merchant to reduce manual handling injuries by 55%


    Giant Eagle Supermarkets (US)

    Wearable devices help the 34,000-employee retailer reduce risk of injury by 31%


    Kenco Logistics (US)

    Kenco uses Soter Clip&Go wearable technology to proactively prevent injuries


    St John of God (AU)

    Soter Analytics AI-driven wearable solutions reduce spine and shoulder injuries among Caregivers

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