Personalized Training

Deliver the unique training experience to each worker in an auto-pilot mode

The Right Workplace Interaction

The SoterCoach solution enables the delivery of personalized training to every worker in your organization. Customized training provides relevant information and insights enabling the individual needs of each worker to be met. Soter devices help to objectively detect and measure the risk that comes from each worker-workplace interaction.


Personalize Content for Your Workers

Build training and development based on individual skill sets. Whether it is a new starter or early intervention, Soter devices provide valuable content for the employee. Engage many at the same time by targeting training for workers' needs, encouraging employees to be the driver of their own safety.


Predict and Decrease the Risk of Injuries Based on Individual Worker Data

The risk that comes from the worker-workplace interaction is unique for every person. Identify the employees who are at the highest risk of injury and use SoterCoach app to provide the intervention back to your workforce. Develop an individual improvement plan for every employee and promote health & safety improvements to the workplace.


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Key Features

Make your workplace safer with Soter solutions


End-to-End Solution

SoterCoach is self-managed by workers and teaches them, in real-time, how to correct their movements to help them reduce their risk of MSD


Exceptional Relevance

Through real-time data collection and notifications, the SoterCoach solution is engaging, compliance-focused and easy to scale across large workforces


Data-Driven Processes

SoterCoach training program uses machine learning algorithms, human science, and in-house ergonomic practitioners to deliver an efficient and innovative training to each worker, resulting in high engagement and high risk reduction


Full Autonomy

The devices have a 30+ day battery life and can work independently from a phone. While its dimensions and 20-gramme weight makes it fitted to all body types


Pervasive Analytics

Complete online dashboard for managing the entire workforce, check performance, get insights on ergonomic data and an individual’s injury risk


Simple Implementation

The solution can be rolled-out and scaled across organizations of any industry and size. The implementation process takes less than 1 hour for 100’s of workers

Soter Analytics Clients Success Stories


Travis Perkins (UK)

Soter Analytics helps UK’s largest building merchant to reduce manual handling injuries by 55%


Giant Eagle Supermarkets (US)

Wearable devices help the 34,000-employee retailer reduce risk of injury by 31%


OccuCare (US)

Soter Analytics, in partnership with OccuCare, help organizations in the midwest avoid the largest injury problem


St John of God (AU)

Soter Analytics AI-driven wearable solutions reduce spine and shoulder injuries among Caregivers

Make Workplace Training Personal with SoterCoach

The wearable device, personal mobile app and tutorials assist workers to self-correct their movements in real-time. All data is accessible via the analytics dashboard

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