Transforming Safety & Productivity with AI

SoterGenius AI Platform is the ultimate compliance and productivity solution built for industrial organizations. Leveraging thousands of data points, SoterGenius identifies and helps resolve OSHA compliance issues, enhances productivity, and much more

120+ organizations on 5 continents are preventing injuries right now with Soter Analytics

Industrial AI Platform
Industrial AI Platform
Enhance Productivity & Safety
Increase productivity and reduce the stress and risk of safety audits with SoterGenius, AI platform for industrial businesses
Workplace Injury Prevention
Workplace Injury Prevention
Smart Safety Wearables
Designed for manual handling workers, SoterCoach smart AI-driven wearables are an end-to-end safety solution proven to reduce back and shoulder injuries by up to 86%
A Complete Risk Data Overview
A Complete Risk Data Overview
Safety Analytics Dashboard
Visualize objective risk data to analyze and reduce workplace risk through the redesign of processes, job tasks, equipment and training via a cloud-based dashboard

Soter Analytics is Changing the Industry


Reduction in Injuries


Reduction in Comp Costs


Average ROI

Current injury prevention methods such as in-class manual material handling training or ergonomic coaching are resource-consuming, almost impossible to scale and guarantee no tangible result. Combining a stack of innovative technologies, data and human expertise, Soter Analytics outsmarts traditional injury prevention, resulting in a highly positive ROI for our partners in the shortest possible time.

What Our Partners Say

Mark Douglas
Continuous Improvement and Projects Manager

It’s been a fantastic success and what really crystallised it for me was when the sites passed the 250 days without a lost-time injury

Kenco Logistics
Miguel Trivino
Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety

Nobody likes back pain, but proper lifting is a habit that many new associates have not yet developed. The Soter device gently yet persistently raises the level of awareness, building a good incentive to use better body mechanics

PepsiCo, Inc.
Eric Weiss
EHS Associate Representative

I really like the data of the two groups being broken down by “high-risk” and “low-risk”. It shows even our talented and “safest” folks are improving with this system. The manager interface portion was extremely helpful

Coca Cola Amatil
Sarah Moore
Health and Safety Leadership Partner

The manual handling data and insights provided by Soter identified the key manual handling risk within our business, how this risk differs across roles and individuals and how we compare when benchmarked with our organisational peers

Virginia MacKay
Specialist & Senior H&S Advisor

The Soter devices and the SoterCoach tutorials offered a great way to help our workers be more aware of the hazardous movements they were making

Leroy Merlin
Benoit Coornaert
Innovation Project Manager

Soter helps our employees to be aware about their movements and helps our managers to take decisions and improve the work of their teams

Travis Perkins
Vimel Budhdev
Head of Health, Safety & Environment

Adopting the Soter solution to link-in with one of the problems that we have within the business, manual handling, and employing this device to help eliminate, reduce and also teach people the right way of doing manual handling has been the perfect marriage

CNH Industrial
Linette Fetter
EHSE Manager

The positive results and the potential for continued improvements in workplace safety are amazing. We're looking forward to harnessing AI technology to confirm risk factors more efficiently and comparing new videos with preliminary ones to further enhance safety measures

ADVICS North America
Steven Gammon
Manager, EHS and Risk Management

We've noticed a significant reduction in ergonomic injuries as sites begin using SoterCoach with a 61% reduction in spine risks and an 87% reduction in shoulder risks

DHL Supply Chain
Ismo Parkkinen
Development Manager

Proactive injury prevention through data driven technology gives huge possibilities to risk assessments, operation analysis and of course to the development

FM Logistic
Penelope Laigo
Group Sustainability & QHSE Director

Implementing Soter’s solution at FM Logistic facility has resulted in a 30% reduction in hazardous movements, significantly enhancing workplace safety and employee health

Solutions for Your Industry

Injury Prevention for Warehousing & Logistics
Soter Analytics helps warehousing and logistics companies to streamline their operations and create a safer work environment
Injury Prevention for Supermarkets & Retail
Soter Analytics helps supermarkets and retailers to improve safety, productivity, and employee retention
Injury Prevention for Manufacturing
Soter Analytics helps manufacturing companies improve safety, productivity, and retention. Designed to reduce injuries and streamline manufacturing operations

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    Get up to 86% of reduction in back & shoulder ergonomic injuries


    Achieve up to 67% of reduction in workers compensation costs


    Ensure smooth operations and reduce employee turnover


    Earn over 250% ROI when partnering with Soter Analytics