The Gen Z Industrial Work Report

An in-depth look at the sentiments of the Gen Z workforce towards industrial jobs and the factors that are drawing them to choose their career paths
Fueled by data from over 2,000 US Gen Z-aged individuals gathered through Censuswide, an accredited third-party research platform, the new insights reveal the factors behind the worsening talent crisis in industrial sectors such as warehousing, transportation and manufacturing, and how employers will need to shift to attract Gen Z workers as older generations move into retirement.

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  • 1
    Gen Z is Worried About Work?
    What are the top concerns for Gen Z when entering the workforce
  • 2
    What Matters to Gen Z Jobseekers
    What could incentivize Gen Z jobseekers to join the industrial workforce
  • 3
    How Technology Weighs In
    Why technologies & innovations at work are important for Gen Zers

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