SoterCoach vs SoterTask: Which Solution Is Right For Me?

At Soter Analytics we specialise in providing technology solutions to minimise the risk of injury to workers in the workplace. We have developed two unique ways to target ergonomic risk in the workplace: SoterCoach and SoterTask. Both of these solutions utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce risks. However, the tech industry can be full of buzzwords and complicated jargon. This article is designed to explain simply what each of these solutions are, how they work, who they are designed for and what the key benefits are. This should assist you to make the right decision for your workplace in implementing a solution that will significantly reduce ergonomic risk and workplace injuries.

SoterCoach Explained

What is SoterCoach?

SoterCoach is an ergonomic training program that uses a wearable device and AI to improve the individual ergonomic safety of workers. The program is designed to alert of any hazardous movements that could lead to back or shoulder injuries. These alerts improve awareness and reduce the overall risk of injury. The program provides a personalised coaching approach for individual workers through combining a wearable device and a mobile app. The app shows progress and analytical data as well as short training modules to improve movement safety. SoterCoach also includes a central dashboard for managers to view all data for employees in the program in order to manage and reduce ergonomic risk on an organisational level.

How Does SoterCoach Work?

SoterCoach is an easy to implement and user friendly two to four week ergonomic coaching program. Workers simply connect the smart wearable device to their shoulders or back (depending on which program they are participating in) and link the device to the mobile app. While they are working, the device will measure all bending, twisting and lifting movements and send an alert when it identifies a hazardous movement. The employee can then complete short training modules inside the app to improve their knowledge of safe movement practises. The instantaneous notification of hazardous movements significantly improves the employee’s ergonomic awareness. SoterCoach will deliver meaningful results and improvements after just 10 days of use. All the data collected from the individual devices worn by employees are also sent to the online dashboard which can be accessed by management. This centralised dashboard provides visually appealing analytics about the ergonomic safety at an organisational level and allows managers to identify and improve risks.

Who is SoterCoach For?

SoterCoach is the perfect solution for any organisation wanting to improve their ergonomic safety and awareness. It is designed to be extremely easy to use so that any employee can easily clip on the device and receive their data in the mobile app. SoterCoach is designed for both individual workers as well as for management. SoterCoach has been used across a range of industries including warehousing, manufacturing, retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare and construction.

What Are The Benefits of SoterCoach?

The key benefits of incorporating a SoterCoach training program into your workplace include:

  • A decrease in ergonomic injuries in the workplace 

  • A significant cost reduction as a result of workplace injuries

  • Real-time data collection and notifications which engages employees in sustainable behavioural change

  • A choice between a shoulder and a back injury prevention program depending on the needs of employees

  • An extremely lightweight, flexible device that can easily be clipped on to any uniform or gear

  • An entirely autonomous program with no need to connect to any workplace Wi-Fi networks

  • An ergonomic safety solution that encourages employees to take ownership of their movement behaviours

SoterTask Explained

What is SoterTask?

SoterTask measures and analyses the risks associated with tasks in the workplace and assists to implement controls to keep workers safe. This cloud-based solution combines video captured through a mobile application with AI-driven data analysis to accurately measure risk movements. The data analysis is accessible through an online dashboard.

How Does It Work

SoterTask is extremely easy to use. Simply use the app to capture a video of the task you wish to assess while a worker performs it. The app provides real-time interpretation and analysis of the task within minutes which can be immediately shown to the worker to help improve ergonomic technique and reduce injuries. The data is then further analysed and this detailed analysis is available on the online dashboard. In the dashboard, visually appealing, detailed reports can be accessed that display analysed hazard information which facilitates risk assessments and comparisons to help eliminate risks. From here, new tools or ergonomic techniques can be introduced to assist with the task and reduce the risk of injury. SoterTask also allows for comparisons between videos to assist in evaluating different options. These detailed in-depth ergonomic reports can also be exported for easy record keeping.

Who Is It For?

SoterTask is suitable for any organisation wanting to produce more accurate, more detailed risk assessments and task evaluations. The mobile app and AI-driven data analysis makes this process extremely easy for any workplace to implement whether it be in warehousing, manufacturing, retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare or construction without the need for any specialist training.

What Are The Benefits?

The key benefits of incorporating SoterTask into your workplace include:

  • Fast, efficient risk assessments which captures and analyses tasks on the go

  • Automatically synchronised AI-processing and data analysis providing immediate results

  • The ability to show processed videos to workers within minutes to engage them through a very simple and intuitive risk explanation form

  • Flexibility to apply task assessments anywhere; from workers through to management; one small task or a large ergonomic project

  • Detailed risk assessment of tasks measuring beyond what the eye can see

A Fully Integrated Approach

SoterCoach and SoterTask are two unique standalone solutions that solve problems in the workplace to reduce ergonomic risks and injuries. However, it is possible to combine SoterCoach and SoterTask for a more integrated approach to safety in the workplace. SoterCoach increases employee awareness of hazardous movements and provides individual training,facilitating sustained behavioural change. SoterTask assesses individual tasks in the workplace and assists with implementing appropriate controls to eliminate risk using smart comparison before and after tools as well as detailed report and record keeping. Both solutions can be implemented simultaneously for a well-rounded, integrated solution to workplace ergonomic injuries and risk.

About Soter Analytics

Soter Analytics is a global safety science company producing AI-supported wearable solutions that reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries in the workplace. Soter wearables are widely used in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries, helping leading companies to prevent up to 55% of back & shoulder musculoskeletal injuries.

To see how Soter Analytics can help you improve safety behaviour, engage employees to self-manage their training and prevent workplace ergonomic injuries, simply Book a FREE Demo today.

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