AI-Powered, Ergonomic
Risk Assessment

A cloud-based tool that leverages the power of technology and human expertise to bring you accurate, scalable and efficient ergonomic assessments

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SoterTask. Data-Driven Task Assessment

A cloud-based solution combines video captured through our mobile application with AI-driven data analysis to accurately measure risk movements in the workplace and help you to ​implement controls that keep your workforce safe.

The video & data of workplace tasks is available on the online dashboard.

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How it works

  • Video Capture

    Using the SoterTask mobile app, quickly capture and assess work tasks on the go

  • Data & Tasks Analysis

    SoterTask's AI-powered data analysis provides real-time interpretation of ergonomic risks and facilitates immediate risk control interventions

  • Employee Engagement

    SoterTask involves employees in the assessment process and empowers them to contribute to a safer work environment through active engagement

  • Automate REBA Score

    Add weight/force to any video segments to create automated REBA scores calculation

  • Video Comparison

    Effortlessly evaluate different intervention options and implement best practices through video comparisons

  • Full Privacy

    Blur faces or background of any videos before shooting them to ensure privacy and confidentiality

Capture & Process

Use the SoterTask app to capture and assess work tasks in real-time. AI processes videos and provides workers with simple, intuitive explanations of ergonomic risks. Get processed videos within minutes, replacing lengthy reports with engaging information.


Compare videos to visualize ergonomic risks and make informed decisions when introducing new tools or techniques. Export in-depth ergonomic reports for record keeping and evaluating options.


Assess the precise angles of the body or its parts to eliminate risks and establish a secure workplace for your workers. SoterTask does the reporting for you, presenting analyzed hazard information and utilizing integrated ergo tools (RULA, REBA) for assessment and risk comparison, as per industry standards.

SoterTask vs Traditional Ergonomic Assessments

Our Partners Success Stories

  • ADVICS North America

    Harnessing Technology: ADVICS' battle against injuries & accelerating job hazard analysis

  • CNH Industrial-Saskatoon

    Unprecedented safety milestone for CNH Saskatoon eliminating injuries in one year with Soter tech

  • Endeavour Energy

    Endeavour Energy improves health & safety of their workforce using Soter Analytics technologies

  • United Farmers of Alberta

    United Farmers of Alberta reduced ergonomic injuries by 86% with behavior changing wearables

Book a Free Online Demo

We'll give you an overview of Soter Solutions, provide examples of use cases, show you the dashboard and reporting, and talk through the basics of a good implementation. As the result, you'll see how your organization can:


    Get up to 86% of reduction in back & shoulder ergonomic injuries


    Achieve up to 67% of reduction in workers compensation costs


    Ensure smooth operations and reduce employee turnover


    Earn over 250% ROI when partnering with Soter Analytics