A Complete Ergonomic Training Experience

AI-driven ergonomic coaching app to set up the correct manual handling techniques, prevent injuries & motivate safety among your workforce

SoterCoach.Learn by Working.​™

SoterCoach App delivers personalized coaching to workers and provides recommendations via a mobile app or a communal tablet. It helps to improve lifting behaviour even among large groups of workers within a 20-day period, decreasing hazardous movements they make by between 30-70%.

Also, the App provides ergonomic insights to workers, making them aware of body movements and corresponded risks, driving safety culture.

  • Ergonomic Risk Data & Personalized Insights
  • On-the-Job Manual Handling Coaching
  • Easy-to-Understand Tutorials

Try Soter Solutions With Your Workforce

Personalized Training & Insights

Training, personalized to the individual's actual movements and injury risk, is delivered to the worker via the app

  • 20-day personalized training program

  • Gives bursts of relevant daily micro-learning tutorials to assist behavioural change

  • Worker is in control of their own learning experience

  • Visually represents important movement data for self-reflection

  • Worker does not need a phone in the workplace (coaching is delivered daily on a phone or communal tablet)

The Communal Management App

The complete mobile console for managing the entire workforce, performance checking and insight on ergonomic data

  • Data collection & insights

  • Easy set-up process (less than 30 seconds)

  • Gamification for better results

  • Visually represents the most important data

  • Daily ad-hoc device selection

Book a Free Online Demo

We'll give you an overview of Soter Solutions, provide examples of use cases, show you the dashboard and reporting, and talk through the basics of a good implementation. As the result, you'll see how your organization can:


    Get up to 86% of reduction in back & shoulder ergonomic injuries


    Achieve up to 67% of reduction in workers compensation costs


    Ensure smooth operations and reduce employee turnover


    Earn over 250% ROI when partnering with Soter Analytics