Introducing SoterGenius, AI Platform for Industrial Businesses

Take the stress out of internal safety audits preparation by comparing your existing safety infrustructure to the latest OSHA guidelines, identify gaps and receive corrective actions instantly

SoterGenius is your partner in OSHA compliance and all things Safety & Productivity

SoterGenius industrial AI platform leverages the most comprehensive dataset available in the industry, including OSHA and insights from over 10,000 companies worldwide. Integrating your data creates the most experienced model to solve your toughest and most time-consuming safety challenges. And, it protects you from unknowingly having costly violations.

The SoterGenius is a truly user-friendly cloud solution that allows EHS professionals to:

  • Get instant answers to any OSHA/safety questions

  • Automatically check a company’s safety docs and policies for OSHA compliance

  • Identify common safety errors in the industry and get detailed instructions on how to avoid them

  • Create industry-specific safety documents, like ToolBox Talks and training materials

Simplify Safety Audit

SoterGenius simplifies internal audits and inspections by cross-referencing the company's existing safety policies against the latest OSHA guidelines. The tool's Policy Review function identifies gaps and suggests corrective actions, streamlining the compliance process.

Additionally, it can capture real-time data, facilitating an immediate gap analysis between on-site practices and OSHA requirements.

Immediate Safety Insights

SoterGenius is also a cutting-edge question and answer tool designed to bridge the knowledge gap for all safety professionals. SoterGenius leverages advanced AI technology and the most comprehensive safety database in the industry, to provide instant, accurate responses to any health and safety inquiries.

Whether it's deciphering complex regulations, providing best practices for workplace safety, or clarifying hazardous materials handling, SoterGenius ensures safety professionals have the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

Dynamically Mitigate Risks

SoterGenius ability to analyze real-time data from on-site observations, including photos and voice recordings, enables companies to dynamically manage risks. The tool can identify deviations from safety policies and suggest corrective actions swiftly, adapting to new risks as they emerge.

Finally, the Industry Review feature also allows these companies to stay ahead of industry trends and regulatory changes, ensuring mistakes are not replicated and that their safety practices are always up to date.

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    Analyze photos & videos from onsite observations to identify and prevent risks


    Get insights to improve existing processes and tasks