Harnessing Technology: ADVICS' battle against injuries & accelerating job hazard analysis

ADVICS North America
Case Study

The Quest for Improved Workplace Safety
Frustrated with the limited results of traditional methods, ADVICS sought innovative solutions to tackle workplace injuries. Their research led them to Soter Analytics and their groundbreaking products, SoterTask and SoterCoach.

ADVICS utilizes two Soter products to enhance injury prevention. SoterTask, a sensor-free video processing software, evaluates angles and risks through human motion analysis. SoterCoach, a wearable solution, provides real-time feedback to workers by identifying high-risk spine and shoulder movements. Together, they offer a comprehensive data-driven approach to hazard tracking and insights.
Past Challenges with Ergonomic Injuries

Despite a consistent decline in overall injury rates, ergonomic injuries remained a challenge for ADVICS. Their existing programs, such as athletic trainers, early reporting, and engineering standards, failed to address everyday behaviors. Soter technology's ability to monitor employees daily filled this crucial gap.

SoterCoach has been instrumental in scaling and personalizing safety measures for our employees, addressing everyday behaviors that often go unnoticed. By providing tailored feedback, it helps each team member develop safer habits, ultimately reducing injury risks

A Success Story: SoterTask in Action
Using SoterTask, ADVICS' safety and engineering teams collaborated to find the optimal configuration for a conveyor, resulting in a 23% overall risk reduction. This small change led to a 66% reduction in right arm risk, highlighting the impact of proper techniques and tools in workplace accident prevention.

ADVICS plans to use SoterTask to conduct safety risk assessments more efficiently. The software's ability to complete a REBA assessment in just 5-10 minutes saves significant time and resources, ultimately supporting engineering changes based on actual ergonomic data, feedback, and improvements.

With SoterTask, we've been able to conduct ergonomic assessments in half the time it used to take. This efficiency has allowed us to quickly identify and address potential hazards, making a significant difference in our workplace safety efforts

The Impact of SoterCoach on Workplace Safety

ADVICS has seen a notable reduction in ergonomic injuries since implementing SoterCoach, with a 61% reduction in spine risks and an 41% reduction in shoulder risks. Both new and long-standing employees have provided positive feedback on the program.

While SoterCoach is not mandatory at ADVICS, its benefits are highly recommended. The long-term goal is to use both SoterTask and SoterCoach as case studies to support data-driven engineering changes. ADVICS aims to implement a rotating system for SoterCoach, ensuring that all employees wear the device once a year, facilitating continuous improvement and education.

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