MSD Risk: A Cross-Industry Analysis

A six-year cross-industry research on musculoskeletal safety and injury risk reduction
Stop injuries before they happen! Successfully reduce injury risk within the workplace. This study is based on injury risk, effecting a proactive approach to musculoskeletal safety using hazardous movement data collected across industries. Here we highlight the use of large data sets of hazardous movements among industries that are involved in the materials manual handling (MMH) sector. The purpose of this paper is to compare industry hazardous movement data that has been collected by the SoterCoach wearable device for benchmarking and to provide insights on this proactive approach to avoid injury using wearable sensor technology.

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  • 1
    Injury Risk Benchmark
    Evaluate the hazardous movement risk distribution for your specific industry
  • 2
    The Risk of Injury Reduction
    Discover the tools to use proactive injury risk measures to asses risk before injury happens
  • 3
    Safety Tech Introduction
    Navigate the introduction of new technology to ameliorate high-risk activities

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