Unprecedented safety milestone for CNH Saskatoon eliminating injuries in one year with SoterCoach and SoterTask technologies

CNH Saskatoon
Case Study

Identifying the Challenge

At CNH-Saskatoon, workplace safety has always been a top priority. Linette Fetter, EHSE Manager at CNH-Saskatoon, noticed an alarming trend of employee back injuries.

In 2021, there were 10 OSHA Recordable back injuries. Eager to address this issue, the company decided to implement the Soter program in early 2022.

The results – all categories of back injuries were reduced to zero. As part of the trend analysis, shoulder MSD injuries were also seen as a potential area for improvement. CNH Saskatoon, launched the Shoulder SoterCoach wearable technology in the fall of 2022.

Implementing SoterCoach
The Soter program was first introduced to high-risk departments where recordable injuries previously occurred.

Approximately 200 workers were chosen to run through the program. Linette noted that the wearable technology was helpful for worker education and identifying high-risk tasks due to incorrect ergonomics.
Positive Employee Feedback and Expansion

One worker, a welder, grew frustrated with the device's and decided to take matters into his own hands. He acquired a stool that automatically placed him in a proper position while welding, leading to improved posture and reduced risk of injury.

The program's success led to plans to introduce the technology to other departments and other CNH Industrial sites. Employee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many workers noting that the wearables helped them identify risky movements and develop safer habits.

The workers found it intriguing that performing the same overhead motion daily didn't initially seem harmful, in terms of ergonomic injury risk. However, upon considering the frequency of this action throughout the day, they understood why the device was alerting them with beeps and buzzes

Leveraging SoterTask
for Enhanced Safety
As part of their ongoing commitment to workplace safety, CNH-Saskatoon is leveraging Soter technology to create physical demand descriptions in compliance with CSA and Saskatchewan regulations.

This involves utilizing AI technology to streamline the process, such as measuring object weight and identifying risk factors more efficiently, ultimately working with Soter to build a comprehensive library of physical demand descriptions.

The positive results and the potential for continued improvements in workplace safety are amazing. We're looking forward to harnessing AI technology to confirm risk factors more efficiently and comparing new videos with preliminary ones to further enhance safety measures

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